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At YAA Holidays you will receive high returns and an ensured income from your renting business. You will get numerous bookings in both main and low seasons.

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Would you like to rent your holiday home in Tenerife? Or maybe you are looking for tenants for your mountain hut in the Alps. With us as a reliable and competent partner on the side, this is basically possible with only a small effort. In this regard, we provide you with all tools and functions that enable you to advertise your holiday home, your holiday home, or your quaint finca in a quick and targeted manner, and to put it into perspective. You can be sure that with our service you can generate high returns and secure a fixed income by renting private accommodation. Because of the opportunities we offer you and our additional services, you are always on the lucrative side. You will receive numerous bookings during both the high season and low season, allowing you to earn the highest possible revenue on a long term basis.

14 Last Minute Days

Increase the popularity of your property.

20 Photographs

Upload your property’s photographs and change them for free.

Successful Rental Business

YAA Holidays will give you high returns and maximum income from your bookings thanks to its diverse marketing strategies.

A Wide Selection of Rentals

YAA Holidays works with property owners who receive high bookings and have an increased popularity among travelers.

Money Back Guarantee

Ensured payment safety through our Money Back Guarantee policy.

Customer Service

Our Customer Help Center is open Monday-Friday 9.00-17.30. Our friendly staff is always happy to help and talk to you about any issues you wish to discuss.

Payment safety through our Money Back Guarantee

At YAA Holidays all property owners can count on our responsible services. We have a Money Back Guarantee and an optimized security system to ensure the success of your renting business. Your holiday properties will receive a lot of interest from travelers around the world.

We reach a wide network of travelers to increase the visibility of your property. You will receive a steady amount of bookings per month and our marketing features like 20 Photographs, 14 Last Minute Days, Special Discount Offers and Holiday Ideas ensure that travelers quickly find and book your property. This gives you a stability of your income and maximum bookings. You will have full access to your panel, details of the property and pricing options.

Where will you manage bookings of your property?

You will inspect your account and property on your individual Owner Panel. There you can keep track of the right statistics and manage payment options for your rentals. With such a reliable service system on your account, you will have an unlimited access to managing your property and your bookings.

How does the Money Back Guarantee work?

If you wish to contact us about the refund, please write to us or call to submit a claim and we will respond as quickly as possible. All refund cases are dealt with individually. Give us all the details of your transaction and we will definitely keep in touch.

Do you have other questions?

YAA Holidays has a Customer Support service available for you from Monday to Friday at 9.00-17.30. Feel free to talk to our staff and get answers for all your questions about the bookings and other details.

Telephone: +353 (0)12 544 763 | E-Mail:

Please bear in mind that our Money Back Guarantee doesn’t concern our special discount offers. However, we are happy to review all claims and respond to them to satisfy all the expectations and needs of our clients.

YAA Holidays continues to realize its mission of a successful holiday rental business. With our special marketing strategies for owners, we allow them to reach large numbers of travelers and get bookings of their properties.

Thanks to our services, we believe our property owners will successfully get bookings of their properties and will be provided with fully efficient safety payment system. Go to and work with us to register your property at YAA Holidays and boost your rental business!

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Thanks to our options your property will be perfectly presented and attractive to holiday goers.


269 € per year

Property Description and Additional Information

A comprehensive, detailed description of the amenities, location, payment options and Google Maps.

20 Photographs

You can upload up to 20 high-quality photographs of your property and change it anytime for free.

14 Last Minute Days

This special section will display your property at attractive prices for 14 days free of charge.

Booking Calendar

A fully efficient option of your booking calendar contains details about your guests and payment options.

YAA Holidays provides its property owners will guarantees of efficient service and renting profits:

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Security with Regular, New Bookings
  • High Returns and Ensured Income
  • Free of charge changing of pictures
  • Easy Contact with Customer Support

Our Customer Support provides full guidance and valuable tips in the pricess of registration for the property owners and then at every step of the way of your account management. If you register your property at YAA Holidays, the marketing options will give owners steady income and profits from their bookings.

YAA Holidays has a reliable system that presents the property in the most visible and attractive way to the holiday goers. Easy access to payment options, your booking calendar and Every property is treated individually and will bring the property owners the boost of their renting income that they expect from the website and its services.

Register now with YAA Holidays and get the chance to use all the functions available at your own Owner Account. Join the global community of property owners at YAA Holidays and register your property to get the highest income possible!

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1. Sign up for free.

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Describe your property, add the best photos and create the perfect holiday house advertisement – we will help you make the best of it.

3. Enjoy successful bookings.

When your listing is ready, you can enjoy the services we give you to get regular bookings and reap the profits.

Eager to find out more? Here is a list of our Frequently Asked Questions to help you get going with your YAA Holidays adventure.

What exactly is YAA Holidays

YAA Holidays is a professionally managed and quickly developing holiday rental website that offers rentals like holiday houses, apartments, villas, mansions etc. at reasonable prices with a reliable, comfortable service. Houses can be booked from private owners who have fully equipped and comfortable houses located around the whole world.

Why should I register with YAA Holidays

YAA Holidays is a holiday rental website that guarantees the most reliable and successful renting services for its owners and travelers. The booking system works efficiently, while the website ensures the owners have an unlimited access to the features designed to give them steady renting profits and income. The global network of holiday houses offers a wide range of properties to choose from and book for perfect holidays

What kind of property can I register

We specialize in all types of holiday properties you can imagine. We put special emphasis on holiday houses, apartments, beach houses, mansions, villas, condos, penthouses, condos and chalets. As you can see, with us travelers can realize their dream vacation ideas.

What is in my property listing

Your holiday property page includes all the best features necessary for bringing the attention of travelers. Your property page includes property description and details about the amenities, location, additional equipment, high-quality photographs, a map integrated with Google Maps, contact details, calendar with available dates, reviews from satisfied travelers… and much more to explore!

Do I have to pay any commission

No. There is only the annual fee for you and that’s it. All the additional features like 14 Last Minute Days or 20 Photographs are entirely free of charge. All the income that you receive from your bookings belongs only to you.

How can I control who rents my property

You are the owner of your property, so you have the right to choose who can book your property for their holidays. You control all the booking requests and bookings and you can refuse a traveler if you are afraid about the security of your property. You can always contact a traveler to get more information about them.

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