Travelling Advice

Your personal travel advice. Are you sure you have everything for your holidays? Check out our list! This is for your convenience - you can relax and check with us if you have everything!

Before you begin packing your most spectacular clothes in a suitcase, remember to attend to health issues. This often includes doing the right research about the essential vaccinations which usually need to be taken a few weeks before your departure. Inquire about these concerns at your doctor’s and prepare medications – in the end, you will find yourself in a foreign country, so preparation and research is everything.

Your health the most important thing on your vacation, so prepare information about your allergies, blood type and vaccinations you had in the past. Of course, you will have an amazing time, but it’s best to have such information just in case.

It is also recommended to supply yourself with a National Insurance Card. Submit your application and receive your card, which may prove essential when unexpected situations take place. All customers are asked to provide themselves with a valid insurance that ensures their safety when travelling abroad. It’s also useful to think of Travel Insurance, and why not buy insurance for your luggage? You never know!

Documents are absolutely indispensable, therefore, please make sure that your passport and ID card are valid. If the expiry date is growing near, renew your documents to avoid any obstacles upon entering another country. YAA Holidays wishes to ensure that your trip is safe and free of any uncomfortable turns of events.

If your documents are valid and you have your insurance, it is worth taking copies of them and having that with you during your trip. Copy your passport, travel documents, flight tickets and credit cards. It’s always better to be secured on all sides!

It’s not always the case, but if you go abroad, check if a visa is required. If so, take your time to read about the instructions and have it made before your trip, because it’s usually a long and often tiring process.

If you’re going abroad, it’s always best to secure yourself from the financial side. Have some cash with you, but also make sure you have your credit card as well, maybe some travel vouchers? Also, it’s very practical to find out where you can exchange money for your urgent needs.

Talking about credit cards, not only copies of the documents are needed, but also your credit card numbers and other PIN details for your payment cards. That also includes checks and numbers of your documents, but also important addresses like your national embassy address.

Make sure you contact the property owner before you start your trip. Your online account will give you all the options to manage the details of your stay. This includes all the helpful information, such as directions and exact location of your accommodation. This will certainly spare you a lot of trouble. Use the options at your disposal – they are here to help.

You will probably want to do some sightseeing, right? Prepare for yourself the essential package of a proper traveler. Take some travel guides, maps or other guides with you and you will be all set for your holiday adventure.

Are you taking your beloved pet with you? No problem, you just have to bear in mind a few things. Please check the import requirements for pets and any additional fees for your trip.

In many cases it also pays off to get a pay-as-you-go mobile number and you will definitely save more money – using your private number abroad may be very costly.

Remember to write your home address on your luggage. It’s not pleasant for anyone, but luggage loss does happen, so it’s better to be prepared and have the confidence that your luggage is secured.

All set? Excited for your perfect holiday adventure with YAA Holidays? It’s wonderful to enjoy your own, special vacation time, but there are things you have to remember before you leave your place secure and free of any dangers. Here is our checklist of things to tick before you leave and welcome the time of your holidays!

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