Holiday with a Dog

There is always a wide range of renting properties, such as mountain cabins, mansions, houses and basically any type of pet-friendly vacation rentals that you prefer. Guests and their animals have a lot of space to freely roam around and choose from a variety of renting options. Mountains are perfect for outdoor holidays with dogs – look up some national parks in Europe. Your dogs will also adore big, charming cities such as Venice (how about a gondola ride?) or spectacular beaches to go for a run with your dog, Barcelona, London or Berlin. Your dogs will look delighted on your holiday photographs. Whether it’s time spent with nature or in the company of urban attractions, your dog would love to spend unique time with you at holiday rentals. Did you know that Barcelona has its own dog-friendly beach? And that’s just the beginning. This amazing Catalonian city has a lot of public spaces for your pet and friendly renting properties. Dogs are allowed to travel on the Metro, so don’t worry about moving around the city. Public transport is easy and comfortable for your pet. Take a picture with your dog by Sagrada Familia, Castle of the Three Dragons and other landmarks… Visit the wonderful parks in Barcelona such as Parc de la Ciutadella and green spaces you and your friend will absolutely love.

Besides, the apartments for rent usually are easily suited for dogs and their owners and have a lot of space for your lovely companions. No problem! If unsure about the holiday destination with your dog, pick London and don’t think twice about it. One of main cultural and business centers in Europe has loads of vacation rentals, eateries, cafes and public venues in which your four-legged friends are allowed, so you can take them with you wherever you wish. Have some fun in St James’s Park or go to The Society Club… even Westminster Abbey welcomes dogs! Try it out for yourself. Renting properties naturally allow you to organize your space so that your dog can run around freely and there will no one complaining. Berlin, the capital of Germany is a fascinating place to explore the culture, but what can dogs enjoy? Well, how about taking them for a romantic dinner date? That’s not a joke. Many restaurants situated in Berlin’s streets offer dog menus and treats, so whether you feel like going out for breakfast, dinner or simply a beer, your lovely friend can do so, too. Berlin is well known for its impressive holiday rentals and accessibility for owners and their dogs, so feel free to stay at pet-friendly renting places for your vacation there. In Berlin you can easily count for both modern and luxurious renting properties and monumental, historical buildings. The selection of excellent apartments for rent for instance will certainly inspire you to have a wonderful time… that means you and your dog of course.

Dog Friendly Holiday Rentals in Tenerife

Tenerife is a sunny haven for all holiday goers, so take the chance to enjoy the sun with your dog. The rentals are fully equipped and have all the facilities for you and your pet! Rent an apartment, a beach house, condos or other renting properties. Time to have holidays in Tenerife! Try different activities like climbing, visiting national parks, exploring, sightseeing and taking great pictures with your dog... Are you already waiting for your holiday rentals?

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Dog Friendly Holiday Rentals in Mallorca

Choose your exciting holidays in sunny Mallorca and enjoy all the activities there! Rent your properties, such as beach houses, apartments or condos and travel around Mallorca with your best friend. Maybe you wish to visit charming, pet-friendly coffee shops, restaurants or bars? Have fun in amazing beaches that allow dogs all year around. Your vacation in Mallorca with your dog is coming, book your holiday rentals for your perfect vacation!

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