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Vacations in Rügen

Luxury vacation rentals in Rügen. 1 holiday houses and apartments in Rügen. Book your privat accommodation or hotel in Mönchgut-Granitz or in Binz auf Rügen.

Rügen is the Germany’s biggest Island with 926 square kilometers. Its Baltic beaches luxury seaside, hotels, and virgin surroundings make it the best place for visitors seeking luxurious holidays. This was the main reason Germany Chancellor Bismarck and Thomas Mann always visited Rügen and enjoyed their stay in the reveled Sellin and Binz resorts.

Rügen boasts of a long coastline of 60 kilometers that gives visitors a unique taste of Germany not evident anywhere else. Once you book the preferred apartment for rent, the thrill of Germany in this countryside destination will be limitless. The people are hospitable, and the rich culture sweeps every visitor off his feet.

Many visitors coming to Rügen point at the need to experience the virgin lands. Most apartments for rent provide their clients with guides on the best places to catch scenic sites and explore more. You could point at the need for exploration when booking villas for rent to narrow down to those close to top attractions such as national parks.

Enjoy great beach holidays at the Baltic Sea

The beachside holidays at Baltic Sea are ideal for water sports such as kayaking and scuba diving, sports fishing, and sailing. Whether on a budget holiday or luxurious beach holiday, the coastline can be explored either on foot, bike or boat. The luxury seaside, hotels, extensive beaches and weather most of the year allow visitors to get more than they asked. It is the best way to learn the Rügen culture.

Major attractions in Rügen for travelers of style

Many people visiting Rugen want to sample its undisturbed natural facilities such as national; parks. The local authorities have made the attractions in Rugen easily accessible and more enthralling for visitors to enjoy all times. You can opt to visit the Island Nature Park on the coast, the Jasmund National Park or the Peene Valley River to discover the flora and fauna diversity. Your visit will, however, not be complete without getting into the waters for various water sports or biking on the trails. You can rent boat/bike or join a local golf club to enjoy playing golf on the world class courses. Rügen also hosts the Störtebeker theater festival that attracts a lot of people.

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