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Why Costa del Sol is your best for holiday this summer

Costa del Sol is a top holiday destination that attracts millions of visitors because of its unique facilities and lovely climate. Its weather that makes it a paradise for the most part of the year has made it win the name Coast of the Sun. Every year, Costa del Sol enjoys more than 325 days of sunshine.

In addition to the lovely cuisines and hospitality of the Spanish people, Costa Del Sol is known for its great holiday houses for rent. The houses provide easy access to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Once you select the holiday houses for rent, it will be an opportunity to explore more than 125 beaches that stretch about 161 kilometers. Well, it is not just about the beaches when it comes to Del Sol. The entire area is home to a diversity of historical establishments that will take your mind more than 500 years ago.

Because of the diverse private accommodation, visitors who love sports are sure to enjoy more. The diverse beaches provide the best opportunity to go out kayaking, sports fishing, and snorkeling. Other sports to get engaged in when visiting Costa Del Sol include cycling, soccer, sports fishing and golfing. Note that most of these sports can be trained on the site so that you play like a pro. 

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10 Best beaches on Costa Del Sol

Millions of people head to Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) every year to enjoy its local cuisines, the hospitality of the Spanish people and lovely facilities. More importantly, Costa del Sol is a great travel destination because of lovely beaches. It has more than 125 beaches that will make your beach holidays truly fulfilling. Here are the 10 best beaches on Costa del Sol.

Playa de Burriana (Burriana Beach), Nerja
Burriana Beach in Nerja is very popular because of its fine golden sand and a wide variety of beach restaurants and beach bars. It also has numerous shops and pathways that take visitors to every section of the 800 meters by 40 meters beach. Visitors can use all the facilities on the beach including showers and toilets, play areas, and volleyball courts to make their holiday more enthralling.
Visitors can rent sunbeds, jet skis, and kayaks to participate in sports such as sea kayaking in the calm waters.

Playa Malapesquera / Playa Torrebermeja, Benalmadena
This beach is the most popular in Benalmadena and a Blue Flag winner that has made millions to trust it as a perfect holiday destination. The beach is particularly enjoyable for those who love sports such as beach volleyball and football, water-sports, dolphin-watching tours, and dolphin restaurants. Whether you are alone or travelling in teams, renting kayaks and paddle boards will help you explore every part of the beach. You will find a lot of private homes in the Benalmadena to enjoy every moment of your holiday.

Playa de Cabopino (Cabopino Beach), Marbella
The popularity of this beach has increased recently because of its calm and clear waters that make it ideal for family and romantic vacations. More visitors love the beach because you can visit by bus or car and select an apartment for rent. You will enjoy the entire stay because of the diversity of bars and restaurants along the beach.

Playa de la Carihuela, Torremolinos
Many visitors prefer this beach because of its calm, shallow waters that make swimming very easy. It is very extensive and ideal for cycling or running. Its proximity to Torremolinos makes it easy to access by foot, car, or even bus. There is a great diversity of vacation rentals near the beach for visitors to have great moments.

La Malagueta, Malaga
The central location of Malagueta beach makes it a favorite for visitors who want to stay in the city. It has numerous green sections with palm trees for visitors to enjoy the lovely Mediterranean breeze. Because of the many private rentals in the Malagueta area, you can take a walk to the beach every day and use Malaga airport for other trips.

Playa de la Rada, Estepona
This is one of the largest and Blue flag award winning beach in the Mediterranean. Its facilities that include restaurants, showers, sunbeds, and wheelchair access make the beach ideal for leisure activities, especially when travelling with children. Other fun activities and facilities for children include trampolines, paddle boats, and play areas.

Playa de Maro/ Maro Beach, Nerja
Maro beach has become a favorite for many visitors because of its diverse marine life and lovely clear waters. It is great for sea kayaking, snorkeling, and diving for both the experienced and newbies. The entire beach has wheelchair access, sunbed rentals and numerous restaurants that made it win the prestigious award of the best beach in Andalucia in 2013.

Playa las Viboriillas, Benalmadena
Though not very popular, the beauty of this beach is breathtaking. The lush vegetation and picturesque cliffs will make you think it is a tropical island. The calm sea and well-maintained facilities make it a perfect place for the holiday with family. Because of many holiday homes near the beach, visitors are sure of enjoying every single minute in the beach. It is the best place to make the holiday feel like you are on a Caribbean island.

Playa Torreblanca/ Carvajal, Fuengirola
This is one of the best beaches because of its lovely fine sand and clear waters. More people enjoy it because of its vastness that makes jogging and skating easy so that you can have fun with the entire family. Visitors can rent kayaks and pedal boats to participate in competitions or exploring the waters.

Playa Benajarafe, Velez-Malaga
Located only 25 km from the capital of Malaga, the beach is a perfect place for relaxation especially for those seeking to enjoy an exclusive holiday with privacy. Because of the many hotels near the beach, the necessities are available. However, water sports are not available, and visitors use what hotels provide.